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Dickinson was less interested in a pass from Richard Burton, her co-star in the 1960 flick “The Bramble Bush.” “He was famous for having sex with his leading ladies,’’ she recalled.“I got to know him and Elizabeth Taylor, and they fought and loved as intensely as any of us can imagine.’’ And then there was Marlon Brando, with whom Dickinson appeared in 1966’s “The Chase.” “He invited me to his dressing room to talk about sex,” Dickinson recalled.The famous Frank Sinatra certainly won over the ladies with that sexy mugshot of his.He had no problem jumping from wife to wife, sometimes within the matter of less than a month.In the show, other main characters were portrayed by Roger E. Considered to be one of the highest-rated shows in television at the time, “Magnum P.I.” also featured guest appearances from Frank Sinatra, Kim Richards, Ted Danson, and Gerald Mc Raney to name a few.Sam Giancana, Chicago mob boss, was untouchable until 1960, when he met Phyllis Mc Guire, lead singer of the popular Mc Guire Sisters. He served a year and was released in May of 1966, and headed straight for Mexico. The Mexicans literally pushed Sam across the border into El Paso, TX, into the waiting arms of FBI agents. She knew better than to fall for a lousy guy like Sam. Sam still refused to talk and he was sent to Cook County jail for contempt. pressured the Mexican government to stop protecting him.

The result was a 22-year marriage and near constant companionship throughout the last 26 years of Sinatra’s life.

And, as the star’s drinking buddies cowered, the fourth Mrs Sinatra stared her “belligerent” husband down until, calmed, he followed her out “like the puppy that he really was”.

“He’d get loaded,” acknowledges 84-year-old Barbara with a twinkle when asked about her husband’s legendary drinking (often a bottle of Jack Daniels a day).

Thomas William Selleck, commonly known as Tom Selleck, is a famous American television and film producer, as well as an actor.

To the public, Tom Selleck is perhaps best known for his roles of Thomas Magnum, a private investigator in the popular TV series called “Magnum, P.


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