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I find myself sitting on a veritable mountain of tiny circular plastic discs, which oddly enough I can see quite clearly. (Apparently not.) I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.

My feeling in this dream is slight annoyance, a bit of horror, some embarrassment, and a whiff of WTF. In the dream, I realize I have forgotten to remove all of the contact lenses in my right eye throughout my entire history of wearing contact lenses, from seventh grade on. When I was nineteen, my college roommates bought me a copy of The Secret Language of Dreams (Indiebound | Amazon).

Or will Poppy pull it off to give Cate – and herself – the happy ever afters they deserve? There are life long besties who will always be there for you, an understanding (part-time) boss (more of a friend or maternal character really....) which will lead to an "unexpected" career Hello female lead! Have you lost your self-confidence because of a guy? Well step right up to our beautiful quiet Cornish seaside town where you can indulge in every clichéd chick-lit stereotype of your dreams!!!!!!! His charisma could charm you all the way into next year. Beneath this scowling exterior lurks a cute little pussy cat and abs of steel! So this was very sweet even though it was incredibly predictable..favourite part btw (view spoiler)As I was saying, this was very pleasant and it could very easily have been a steady three star rating if not for the fact that it did drag somewhat because the inevitably of the ending was just so glaringly obvious and therefore, many of the book's chapters felt unnecessary and became quite tiresome.

There are life long besties who will always be there for you, an understanding (part-time) boss (more of a friend or maternal character really....) which will lead to an "unexpected" career that will prove to be extremely profitable and as ever in small little country towns there are at least two hot single men who are willing to fight it out for the 'right' to become your Mr Right!! It was too long and poorly edited; the book could have been shortened by at least 20% which would have tightened up the storyline and given it a better "flow". In order to give a higher rating to chick-lits I need the laugh-o-meter to be ding-ding-dinging a little higher than it did with this one.

Since there were lots of impressions, emotions and I only slept several hours during two nights it feels like I've been in Berlin for a week!

I was incredibly happy en thankful to have won the award for "Most Promising Fashion Blogger" at the Stylight Fashion blogger awards.

But I did enjoy it and will read the sequel; okay that's mostly because I have already purchased it but this book hasn't put me off continuing on the stories about the characters in this little wedding shop by the sea.

It’s not the one you’ve probably heard mentioned, that stock high school mortification dream where you’re walking through hallways and past rows of lockers, everything peachy-keen except for the part where you’re butt-naked and everyone is gaping at you.Get dating advice and anecdotes from our very own Match bloggers on all things relationships!Our writers explore and prepare you for the thoughts and feelings we all experience on our dating journey to keep things fun and interesting.*drifts off to my happy place* two and a half stars*Book provided by the publisher on Net Galley in exchange for an honest review*I think it’s safe to say that this is my favourite Jane Linfoot book so far.Last night we've arrived home after our two-day trip to Berlin.Check out some of our favourites: Online dating advice: Kate Taylor - Seven Steps To The Perfect First Email Mind, body and soul: Lara Loveless - 5 Ways To Improve Your Dating Success Without Actually Dating Insights into the dating world: Laura Yates - Eliminating Game Playing In Dating Exciting and interesting date ideas: Seb Goshawk - Our Top Free Dating Ideas In London Keep up to date with all the latest articles over at the Match dating blog and make sure you’re as ready to start meeting new people!


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