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(The film will be released this December in select theaters in the U. by Wrekin Hill Entertainment and in Canada by Pacific Northwest Pictures.)That’s a good question because it’s true, I loved the movies.

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Possessing one of the most expressive faces in cinema history, Liv Ullmann will forever be associated with the work of her mentor Ingmar Bergman.And my favorite movies—I saw them again and again, and later as a grownup I rented them and then, of course, they were different because I was different.All three of them—I didn’t know at that time, all three of them were Vittorio de Sica—were .And then was there a moment—apart from watching those early films—when you knew you were on the right path, trying to be an actress? I read Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales a lot, and one of the fairy tales was about a little girl, and she was freezing to death at Christmas.She was a street girl, and she was walking around and nobody let her in, and then she sits down and she has one match left to warm herself, and she does the match and there comes a beautiful light, and then comes her grandmother down [from Heaven].To say she was glowing would not be an understatement; this was her night as writer and director in the business in which she has devoted over five decades.


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