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Three modes have a minor root chord: the Aeolian(or minor), Dorian, and Phrygian, and those last two differ from the minor by a single note as well.

The vast majority of music falls into one of those two categories, and our system of musical notation is designed around the properties of those two types of scales.

However, those two types of scales are just two examples of a general type of scale called a mode, and including those two, there are seven types of modes that have been historically utilized in music, as far back as the Greek Era.

Website Kotaku said it investigated a tip that numbers, which in the game are supposed to be for quality pest control in post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, connected to real adult chat lines and discovered the report to be true.

Neil Druckmann, the game's creative director, told the website the numbers were supposed to be fake."That was an artist's mistake," he said.


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