Dating a single mom books

Dear Diary, I pray that my next entry does not reek of the undertones of desperation.Being divorced and a single mother of three at the ripe age of thirty-two was never one of my life goals.

It’s one thing to have a conversation with someone and tell them a bit about yourself, but trying to sum up all of your wonderful qualities, shortcomings, quirks, aspirations and life history into a couple of short paragraphs is a daunting prospect for most people.

Now that I stand two years strong in the midst of both, I must embrace it with open arms while strategically making my best attempt at conquering the dating game. However, dating as a black woman brings about an entirely new challenge. Imagine the ingredients of that casserole being a black woman, three children, and living in a foreign country.

Now pour in dating as the final ingredient of the casserole.

So much so, that we are now seeking advice from men to show us how to get and keep a man. Look, I’m not trying to create a modern day Brady Bunch type family.

Men have become best selling authors by writing books and articles like Steve Harvey’s, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man“. Can you afford to support an additional four humans if this pans out to be something? The thought of 4 Deep turning into 8 Deep overnight seriously frightens me to my soul.


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